What you should know about us

We named our company TrauMMA but not for the reason you probably expect. The name evokes a reaction. It identifies us as a brand within mixed martial arts, a sport we dearly love. But the name has a meaning that goes beyond the fresh battle scars worn proudly by the athletes that compete.

For us TrauMMA has a much deeper significance. The name denotes a shared experience. Everey fan identifies with professional fighters in a unique way. And every fan has their own story, their own hardships, and their own obstacles to overcome. Our brand identifies with the fans who are inspired by the power and heart displayed by mixed martial artists every time they step into the cage. And our brand stands for the fans that channel that energy into their own lives to overcome adversity.

We produce and market the best apparel in the MMA space. But our dedication to the fans runs deeper than the work we put into every product in our catalog. TrauMMA supports the organizations that give back to the community. From The Wounded Warrior Project to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, we make community a part of our message. When we sponsor a professional fighter we look for athletes that reflect our values. And we make sure they deliver. Every TrauMMA contract includes a clause requiring the sponsored fighter to perform community service.

We believe in the bonds formed between those who suffer through hard times. When you make it through to the other side, those are the moments that you do not forget.

TrauMMA. Undeniable. Indelible. Unforgettable.